O&K Print Watch

O&K Print Watch

Print monitoring tools for audit and printing quota.

Print monitoring tools for audit and printing quota.

Track and log each printed job on a print server.

Capture and save a printed job as PDF or image file.

Forbid or pause printing job based on cost, color, number of pages, keywords.

Print release station.

Set up printing quotas per printer, user, users groups or print-server.

Control printers and MFP supplies.

Wide array printing statistics reports.

Use web-server to manage print server and printing history access.

Unlimited number of printers and print clusters solutions support.

Save a printed documents as image or pdf file.

Printers and MFP supplies control. Ink/toner level, printer's serial numbers. SNMP monitoring.

Reports and e-mail notifications for low level printers toners, inks and other supplies.

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O&K Print Watch


O&K Print Watch

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